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panoramamic view on Central Coast
Australian Wild Animals Watching and Aboriginal Sacred Places Private Tour

Have you ever wanted to get close to a kangaroo? Or wanted to take a photo with a koala? Are you an animal lover and want to see how our magnificent our wildlife actually is? Well, then this tour is for you. During this tour we will make sure that you can see kangaroos in the wild, we have hidden locales from which you can observe kangaroos as they truly live and from close proximity. The tour will also include a pelican feeding event, this is a fun and entertaining show for all to enjoy, during this time you will not only see pelicans up-close, but also learn about them. And finally, we will include a picture in this package with a koala, on the house!

There will also be lot of opportunities to take photos with other wildlife such as emus, Tasmanian devils, platypus, saltwater crocodiles, and birds such as echidnas, cassowaries, kookaburras and cockatoos.

And that is not all, what is Australia without our rich and diverse history, keeping this in mind, the tour will also include visiting sacred Aboriginal sites. This part of the tour will include an overview of the unique history of our country where you will listen to stories and amazing facts on the Aboriginal culture. The visits to these sites include seeing interesting artifacts such an engravings made over 2000 years ago. Finally, you will be stopping at picturesque views where you can spend time reflecting on Australia's beauty which you can capture in your cameras.

Itinerary: All itineraries can be changed, you could add or skip any of attraction listed below!  We are happy to show tourists as much as possible within the tour time frame.

We have adapted itineraries for old seniors or families with small kids


• We will pick you up from convenient locations or several hotels within the city.

• Take a drive across the beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge

• Visit the most impressive lookout for the Sydney Harbour Bridge located on the north side of the harbour

• Travel north through the picturesque highway.

• Visit the Australian Reptile Park (entrance fee, we offer 10% off the park price ticket) where you can see native Australian animals and shows, this is the only place where you can see platypus, snakes and giant turtles older than150 years! Company Bonus: Private photo session with Koalas and free food for kangaroo!

• Stop at the picturesque Somersby waterfall which is conveniently located near the Australian Reptile Park.

• Visit Chocolate Boutique Factory to buy unique chocolate art (optional)

•  Driving towards the Entrance area.

• Stop for lunch at the Entrance town.

• Next we will feed pelicans, Pelican Feeding is the Central Coast's most popular tourist attraction and operates 3.30pm daily, 365 days a year come rain, hail or shine! This attracts thousands of families back to The Entrance where they get an entertaining and educated commentary on the pelicans, marine life and also general information about the area. Interestingly, just over twenty years ago, pelican feeding actually resulted from an accident when staff from local fish and chip shops would throw out scraps. This became such a ritual that whenever staff were late in throwing their scraps out, the pelicans would cross the road and come up to the shop to be fed. One of the main objectives of the pelican feed is to keep an eye on the pelican's medical conditions as many have hooks and lines tangles up in their gullets, wings and other parts of their body. The feed is a chance for the co-ordinator to assess their well being. It's certainly an amusing show to come and see.

• We will then start our drive back to Sydney 

• Visit  Umina beach and Pearl Beach breath taking lookout

• Stop at the Bulgandry aboriginal engravings site to understand and learn Australia's history.

• We will also stop at a lookout with the view of the scenic Gosford area and then drive back to your hotel into Sydney via the luxurious and beautiful area of Mosman where you will see some of the most beautiful vacation homes in our country

• Finally, we can drop you off in Manly where you could  take ferry to Sydney City and enjoy Sydney harbour cruise (own expenses)  at the end.

Duration: 9 hours. Every additional hour + $100 AUD for 1-7 tourists ; $200 AUD for 8 - 19 tourists (except traffic jam time)

Alternative Tour: Sydney's Northern Beaches and Central Coast  Private Guided Day Tour

 Price for Premium Tour: from $875 AUD inc. tax for 2 pax   + Attraction Tickets. Please use form below for different numbers of people instant quotation

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