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panorama of Stalactite cave in the Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves Private Guided Premium Tour

No journey to Australia could be complete without exploring the immense beauty and wonder of the spectacular Blue Mountains. Discover the World Heritage treasures of the Blue Mountains National Park and the breathtaking natural wonders of the Jenolan Stalactite Caves. Nestled on the western side of the Blue Mountains, this extensive network of limestone caves and above-ground arches are Australia’s most impressive.

There are 12 different caves in Jenolan but we suggest to visit Orient cave which is considering as one of the top 10 most beautiful caves in the World!

Wonders Of the Underworld Tours
These tours provide a wonderful introduction to the magic of Jenolan Caves. They include large chambers and a wide variety of features: Lucas Cave, Imperial Cave, Chiefly Cave (on video).
Jewels of Jenolan Tours
These caves are richly decorated with sparkling crystal, ranging from tiny, delicate helicopters, to some of Jenolan's largest features: Orient Cave, Temple of Baal, Cave Diamond Cave.
Magic of Jenolan Tours
Smaller groups explore caves of great beauty and fragility, each with unique and famous features. These tours are not suitable for younger children: River Cave, Pool of Cerberus Cave, Ribbon Cave, Jubilee Cave, Extended Orient Cave, Extended Temple of Baal Cave.

We recommending to visit in a small group the most decorated cave in the World - Orient Cave (should be booked by yourself in advance! and cave tour price is not included in the tour.)

Please book cave tours stars from 12.00 not earlier because of  3 hours driving time from Sydney.

Itinerary: All itineraries can be changed, you could add or skip any of attraction listed below!  We are happy to show tourists as much as possible within the tour time frame.


We have adapted itineraries for old seniors or families with small kids


• Pick-ups from convenient City locations or many City hotels.

• Visit to Featherdale Wildlife Park (entrance fee), simply the best wildlife park in Sydney. Don't miss it! Hand feed Kangaroos, pat Koalas and see over 2000 Australian animals including Crocodiles, Tasmanian Devils, Wombats, Fairy Penguins, Dingoes and Snakes. (Only for Lucas cave and without lunch or breakfast)

• Have your photo taken with a Koala and Kangaroo.

• Cross the picturesque Nepean River.

• Climb the western mountain highway via the sleepy townships of Blaxland, Leura, Wentworth.

• Stop for very tasty breakfast in Glenbrook town cafe (optional)

• Walk out on Elysian Rock lookout for a truly unique Blue Mountain experience (300 meters cliff).

• Drive through the garden villages of Leura and Katoomba.

• View the famous Three Sisters rock formation, a Blue Mountains icon, from the best point - Eagle Hawk lookout.

• Take in the stunning scenery of the Jamison and Megalong Valleys with plenty of photo opportunities from Narrow Neck lookout.

• View the "Camel Head" from Cahill lookout.

• Stop at Blackheath to see Great Blue Mountains Canyon from Govett Leap lookout.

• Continue driving to Jenolan Caves area via scenic road and stunning eucalyptus forests.

• Enter the Grand Arch at Jenolan Caves, hiding place of sparkling limestone Craters  (We visit one of the top 5 most beautiful caves in the World - Orient)

• Take in the beauty of the region and see the mysterious Blue Lake (not accessible due rocks fall).

• Join an informative and fully guided Cave tour through one of either the Lucas, Imperial, Orient, River or Chiefly Caves. 1.5 - 2 h cave tour

• Watch for native wildlife among the quiet bush land - WILD KANGAROOS AND WALLABIES ENCOUNTER (70% chances).

• Drop off at Sydney Hotel CBD

Duration: 12 hours. Every additional hour + $100 AUD for 1-7 tourists ; $200 AUD for 8 - 19 tourists (except traffic jam time)

 Price for Premium Tour: from $1100 AUD inc. tax for 2 pax   + Attraction Tickets $60 p.p for Cave Tour and $42 p.p.  Featherdale Wildlife Park (optional).  Please use form below for different numbers of people instant quotation

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Wild Kangaroos

Orient Cave
The Orient Cave is gorgeous! The visual impact of its huge and richly decorated chambers will astonish you. In 2008, the Orient was upgraded using the latest lighting technology, enabling you to see them as they have never been seen before. The environmentally friendly lighting system uses minimal power and minimizes heat output, conserving the sensitive cave environment. The Orient Cave is more spectacular than ever, and better protected for future generations to enjoy. Inspection time: 1½ hours Length: 470 meters Fitness level: average ; Stair steps: 358

Lucas Cave
Large groups can easily view the massive chambers of the 'Lucas' - our most visited cave. This spectacular cave includes the most photographed limestone formation at Jenolan, 'The Broken Column' and displays a wide range of huge cave formations. If you have time to visit only one cave, the Lucas is one of our most amazing, offering variety, our highest and widest Craters plus a glimpse of the pure underground river. Lucas Cave Jenolan Caves Inspection time: 1½ hours Length: 860 meters Stair steps: 910 (including 252 stair steps into the Cathedral Chamber)  Fitness level: average

River Cave
This long and exciting cave tour rewards you with a sense of personal achievement. Its many astonishing features make the effort worth while. It offers something to amaze everyone. It features the underground ‘River Styx’ which appears as pools of blue water, including the ‘Pool of Reflections’. This is a deep, illuminated underground lake, whose almost motionless surface produces spectacular reflections. You will see the huge 'Queen Esther's Chamber', magnificent shawls, such as the ‘Giant Shawl’, and many famous formations, including the ‘Minaret’ (a spectacular stalagmite), ‘Grand Column’ (biggest column at Jenolan) and the ‘Queen's Canopy’. In 2010, the River Cave tour was revitalized using the latest lighting technology, enabling you to see the cave formations as they have never been seen before. The environmentally friendly lighting system uses less electricity and minimises heat output, conserving the sensitive cave environment. This tour includes 2 high, steep steel ladders. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing. The Minaret, River Cave, Jenolan Caves Stair steps: 1298 Minimum age: 6 years Length: 1271 meters Inspection time: 2 hours Fitness level: strenuous

Temple of Baal Cave
The Temple of Baal Cave is renowned for its beauty and spectacular features. Although this cave is often used as a wedding venue, it is not a ‘temple’. Rather, the unusual name was inspired by limestone formations which reminded early cave explorers of the Biblical story of ‘Elijah and the Prophets of Baal’. Visitors enter the Temple of Baal Cave via the ‘Binoomea Cut’ a long man made tunnel. Then, they travel down the ‘Dragon’s Throat’, via a dramatic winding staircase. There are 2 massive chambers, one 42 meters high and filled with beautiful formations. One of these formations, the 9 meter tall ‘Angel's Wing’ shawl, is one of the largest cave shawls in the world. The cave also offers beautiful examples of crystal helictites. This cave tour includes evocative light and sound, taking you back in time, to the creation and discovery of the cave. 360 degree view of the Temple of Baal Cave (Use your arrow keys to see the whole chamber.) Inspection time: 1½ hours Length: 365 meters Fitness level: average Minimum age: 10 years Stair steps: 288

Chiefly Cave
The Chiefly cave is full of variety and surprises, featuring large chambers, many richly decorated. The Chiefly displays all the stunning limestone formations for which Jenolan is famous, including exquisite examples of 'spar' crystal. One of our shorter cave tours, the Chiefly is a marvel for all ages. As this tour does not retrace its path, you always wonder what is around the corner. The Chiefly has a fascinating history, and was the first cave in the world to be lit with electric light, as early as 1880. Two of its amazing grottoes are illuminated with colored lights, a reminder of its unusual heritage - children find these fascinating. Inspection time: 1 hour Stair steps: 421 Length: 690 meters Fitness level: average
Photo taking during Private Day Tour (click on a photo to enlarge)
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