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The Atheron Tablelands Private Tour

The Atherton Tableland is a blend of the best attractions of the tropics; a combination of nature and lifestyle at its finest. Among the World Heritage listed rainforests, national parks, mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls are some of Australia's richest agricultural lands and charming small townships.

For visitors, the Tablelands present opportunities for bush walking, bird watching, a wildlife cruise, marsupial spotting, hot air ballooning and water sports as diverse as fishing and white water rafting.

Winding roads lead to spectacular lookouts and waterfalls, and highlights include Australia's widest waterfall - Millstream Falls - and many others flowing all year round, the deep blue waters of extinct volcano crater lakes, Lake Barrine and Lake Eacham, the ancient Bromfield Swamp near Malanda and the Hypipamee National Park and crater near Herberton.

Wildlife is abundant on the Tablelands, as a night time spotlighting tour will show. There are possibilities of seeing shy tree kangaroos and perhaps even a reclusive platypus scurrying along a cool riverbank.


• SKYRAIL RAINFOREST CABLEWAY  - you will board the Skyrail, which skims the rainforest canopy for 7.5 kilometres above the Barron Gorge National Park to Kuranda village  (photo above)

• The stunning expanse of the Atherton Tablelands is located in part of the Great Dividing Range. The Atherton Tablelands has wide diversity of landscapes to explore. To the north you’ll find eucalyptus woodlands and huge termite mounds. The best lookout from Great Dividing Range is Henry Ross lookout which we visit during ascending to the range.

• MANGO WINE TASTING We visit Golden Pride Wineries which is a boutique winery owned and operated by the Nastasi family and situated on their mango plantation - one of the largest commercial mango plantation in Australia. Versatile range of still and sparkling white wines with extremely delicate fruity flavours produced from the sweet flesh of mango, when served chilled, provides the wonderful experience of crisp intense fruity flavours on the palate and a delicate aftertaste, whilst remaining refreshing and light. An absolutely terrific wine to be enjoyed - premium quality, refreshing and light - and a terrific wine for, and from, the tropics.Wine tasting is included in your package.

COFFEE EXPERIENCE The Most Unique Coffee Experience in North Queensland calls itself at home at the Coffee Works. Located in the heart of Australia’s premier coffee growing region, the Coffee World experience is, as the name suggests, like stepping into a World of coffee. Discover coffee and tea treasures from every corner of the globe, and see the evolution of every style of coffee maker. Aside from being the largest collection of its kind in the World, what makes Coffee World most unique, is the scores of pots which are the first of their kind ever created, or last of their kind left in existence. Stunning displays and themed entertainment rooms bring over 2,000 coffee and tea making treasures from the past to life. You get to sample, in UNLIMITED quantities, up to 21 Gourmet Coffees, 4 Local Plantation Teas, 12 Handcrafted Chocolates, and 3 Exclusive Coffee Works Liqueurs!

GRANITE GORGE PARK At Granite Gorge Nature Park where you can take a guided walk across large granite outcrops and boulders, with fantastic photo, and get up close opportunities with the wild rock wallabies in their natural habitat. You can hand feed them macropod pellets. These particular rock wallabies are rare and endangered and can only be seen up close here.

CRATER LAKES We head to the Crater Lakes. These craters were formed when hot molten rock from now dormant volcanoes came into contact with groundwater. The build-up of steam blasted the central cores from the volcanoes, and over time the spectacular craters have filled with fresh rainwater. The best known botanical features of Lake Barrine are the twin rough-barked Kauri Pines. These 50 metre high giants are estimated to be about 1,000 years old and are considered one of the earliest known species of rainforest tree. Lunch will be served in the teahouse overlooking the lake. If you are brave enough to enter the cool (+24 all year round) mountain waters of Lake Eacham , then it's now time for a swim. Another crater lake, Eacham is a clear blue lake surrounded by cool rainforest.

We travel deeper into the Tablelands driving through lush green rolling dairy pastures which were once thickly covered in a canopy of tropical rainforest

You'll visit one of the largest Strangler Fig Trees in the Tableland's rainforests.It is over 500 years old and spectacular giant of the rainforest. The fig tree roots naturally grow towards the forest floor. The aptly named Curtain Fig Tree's aerial roots have grown 15 metres downwards in a thick curtain-like tangle concealing where the host tree fell on a neighbouring tree many years ago.

Duration: 10 hours

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Photo taking during Private Day Tour (click on a photo to enlarge)
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